The Polish Used by Professionals

Simply put, Simichrome is the finest all-metal polish available anywhere. Perfect for brass, copper, silver, gold, pewter, magnesium, aluminum...virtually any ferrous or non-ferrous metal surface. Use it all around the home on virtually any metal surface. Tough enough to handle more durable pieces such as light fixtures, lamps, furniture hardware, appliance handles, door knobs and much, much more. Gentle enough for fine metals like tea sets, sterling silver, jewelry, coins, brass and pewter pieces...any collectible metal treasure.

This tough, yet gentle polishing paste is the brand of choice for antiques dealers and jewelers because it polishes to a fine patina and not the glare of inferior polish products. Simichrome removes tarnish and leaves a protective coating to help slow down further tarnishing. Available in convenient, 50 gram tubes. Ask for Simichrome by name at motorcycle dealers, better automotive parts stores, antiques dealers, jewelers, bicycle shops, gift stores and more.

Product Applications

  • Antiques
    Not just a polish, Simichrome cleans, removes streaks, protects and leaves all your most precious metals scratch free and shining brilliantly.
  • Bakelite
    Simichrome is the best for restoring antique plastics, and the best way to test the authenticity of Bakelite without damaging it.
  • Silver
    Antique dealers use Simichrome on both plated and solid sterling silverware to quickly remove even black tarnish.