Go From Zero to
Chrome in Seconds.

Motorcycles. Hot rods. Custom cars. Simichrome is the metal polish that bikers, racers and rodders have used for decades for one simple reason: IT WORKS! Every kind of uncoated metal surface – wheels, exhaust pipes, engine parts, bumpers – will shine brighter with Simichrome. Just use a dab of Simichrome on a clean cloth and buff to a brilliant shine, leaving a protective coating to help the shine last longer. Besides chrome, use Simichrome on magnesium, aluminum, alloys...any uncoated metal surface. And you don't need a custom hot rod. Simichrome works great on any car or truck. Available in convenient, 50 gram tubes. Ask for Simichrome by name at motorcycle dealers, better automotive parts stores, antiques dealers, jewelers, bicycle shops, gift stores and more.

Product Applications

  • Wheels
    A dedicated aluminum polish, Simichrome is not abrasive and will leave a protective layer that will help lengthen the time between touch ups.
  • Exhaust
    Hit your chrome pipes with a shot of Simichrome for that polishing shine.
  • Bumpers
    Simichrome removes rust and polishes up aluminum or chrome until it looks like new, but won't leave any scratches or abrasive marks.